Halloween Eye Safety Tips

With Halloween on the horizon, you might be tempted to invest in some spooky, colored contact lenses. After all, finding them is easy – you can buy them on the internet, in Halloween shops, or even at your local drug store. In fact, buying colored contact lenses is so easy that it’s tempting to believe they’re as harmless as a pair of fake devil horns.

Solar Eclipse Viewing and Eye Safety

On August 21st, 2017, a solar eclipse will be visible in North America.  The Boise area will experience the solar eclipse from 10:10 am until 12:50 pm with the maximum phase happening at 11:27 am.  The last time a total eclipse was visible in the Northwestern U.S was February 26th, 1979 making this a remarkable event to behold. 

The Lowdown on LASIK

How does LASIK work?

LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) is an eye surgery designed to improve vision. Refractive errors that LASIK can improve include nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism.

Although LASIK only takes a few minutes to complete, the results of the procedure should last a lifetime. Most people enjoy clear vision as early as the next day.

But what happens during LASIK? How can a laser change your vision in just a few short minutes? 

Healthy Vision Month

This month marks Healthy Vision Month, a yearly celebration of eye health and a reminder to take proper care of your vision. During this month, the National Eye Institute (NEI) recommends following these five eye health guidelines.

The Facts About Cataracts 2015

By Dr. James P. Tweeten

Cataracts affect an estimated 20.5 million people-about one in six Americans. If you are over seventy you have a greater then fifty percent chance you have cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss in people over age forty.