Lafont glasses are all handmade in France and embody the Parisian sense of fashion.

Like a true optical fashion house, Lafont unveils approximately 30 new models each season that feature sleek, smart and tailored frames for men, luxurious feminine pieces for women and fun whimsical styles for children.

Lafont uses 234 unique colors in its collection, and 100 pair of eyes examine each detail during the manufacturing process. Each frame is truly a work of art and craftsmanship.

A pair of Lafont eyeglasses with a stylish purple-tinted rim and temples.

“ I am so thankful for Dr. Fishburn and the fine surgeries he performed on my eyes. I am so grateful to have clear vision and to have such a competent, caring doctor. It is wonderful that you are able and choose to help so many with their precious sight. Thank you to your staff for their professionalism and care. You made this experience so positive. ”